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Digitizing Processes

Digitizing Processes

As an entrepreneur, you are working every day to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Growing, working more efficiently and providing a service that makes people happy is still the goal. The world around us is changing rapidly and you need to keep up.

Does your team’s workload reside in shared mailboxes or Excel sheets? Are apps being used that the IT department has not approved (Shadow IT)? And are you guys making a lot of calls to keep track and put out fires, a lot of calls? These kinds of processes should fit into an app, right? But where do you start?

Your move!

Expanding existing systems

Maintain core systems, but offer integrated and flexible apps that seamlessly optimize process.


Excel sheets, “shadow IT” and applications that fail.

Design and optimize

Create the optimal digital process for your team to operate as efficiently as possible.

We make things clear

At Bizzomate, we are more than just consultants; we are your partner in transformation. With our extensive expertise in the Mendix platform and a proven approach, we provide the knowledge and support needed to move forward.

A team of analysts, architects, techies and designers is ready to help you turn your business processes into user-friendly applications. With these customized solutions and smart digitization, we improve the efficiency of your business.



The Ultimate Low-Code Guide


What people say about us

“We partnered with Bizzomate because they have the technology, expertise and experience to support this digitization process from start to finish.”

Klaas Nieuwhof

ICT directeur van GGZ InGeest

We have managed to automate our contract management almost completely. This saves a great deal of time and gives us more time to focus fully on growing Maximus

Tom Visschers

CEO van Maximus

With a new Mendix-based backend system, we can finally resume our growth trajectory.

Edwin Jonker

Bizzomate was more than IT. Bizzomate was exactly the partner we needed for the development of our application.

Paul Nieland

Algemeen Directeur bij Acture Groep

Bizzomate’s consultants always kept our goals in mind, so they never wasted time and money on creating something less valuable.

Maggie Cauwels

IT Manager bij Agristo

An efficient way of working

Open and flexible apps that connect seamlessly to an optimized process ensure a grip on the business and insight into the workload.

Beating the competition

Successful digitization gives you more room for growth and more time to innovate

An even better service

Through digitized processes a faster service, with fewer errors

Lower costs

Less Excel, fewer clicks and fewer errors = more time for the things that really matter

Data-driven decisions

Extract valuable data from digitized systems

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Frequently asked questions:

How can low-code application development help streamline existing business processes and make them more efficient?

Mendix accelerates the digitization of business processes by making it possible to quickly build and adapt applications without in-depth technical knowledge.

In what ways does low-code application development facilitate the integration of digital processes with existing legacy systems?

The Mendix Low-code platform provides built-in integration tools that make it easy to link existing legacy systems to new digital processes, enabling a smooth transition.

How can companies use low-code platforms to respond faster to changing market needs by digitizing their processes?

The rapid development and deployment of applications with low-code allows companies to implement new strategies even faster and thus respond to market changes, keeping them competitive.

What benefits does low-code application development offer for collaboration between IT departments and other business units in digitizing processes?

Low-code application development promotes collaboration between IT and “the business” by providing a visual development environment that is easily understood by non-technical users.

What business processes can be automated?

There are several business processes at almost every company that can be automated. The most common processes to automate are the invoicing process, inventory management and data entry. Software then for example for that invoices are automatically prepared and sent and payments are tracked. As a result, fewer errors are made and employees spend less time on administration.

How can low-code application development help reduce the cost and time commitment of digitizing business processes?

With the low-code platform Mendix, organizations can save development costs and time by using drag-and-drop interfaces and reusable components, reducing the need for complex coding.

Your move!

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