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Bizzomate SME-Limburg research

19 February 2024 • Blog

Bizzomate-SME research: When digitalization stagnates, fear of operational inefficiency, higher costs, and lower productivity is greatest

Over seventy percent (73.5%) of SMEs are concerned that stagnant digitization in their businesses will lead to operational inefficiencies, higher operating costs and lower productivity. This is evident from a survey of dozens of Dutch SMEs participating in the “Low-Code in Limburg” seminar. The seminar is organized by
, specialist in custom software solutions for digitizing and optimizing business processes.

Stagnant digitalization can also lead to loss of competitiveness or inability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, according to the survey participants. Digitalization is therefore quite high on the agenda in SMEs. Nearly half (47.1%) of the participants are in the process of developing a vision for digitization over the next five years.

Nearly three-quarters of the participating companies can identify several processes within the organization that can be digitized, and more than seventy percent of SMEs see plenty of opportunities to use digitization to reduce the administrative burden for employees. If companies do not digitize further anyway, lack of available skills and resources (38.2%) and available budget (38.2%) are the main reason for leaving everything as it is.

Philippe Neven, Bizzomate spokesperson: “Digitalization is the key to progress and competitive advantage. This realization has clearly dawned on SMEs. However, it is no longer an option, but a necessity for any SME striving for growth and relevance. At Bizzomate, we’ve known this for quite some time, but it’s great to see so many SMEs seeing how crucial digitization is to their business. We are happy to use our expertise to support these companies in meeting all of their digitalization challenges.”


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