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What does a Mendix consultant do?

22 April 2024 • Blog

Mendix consultant

Mendix consultants play a crucial role in the successful implementation of Mendix applications within organizations. They are not only experts in using the Mendix platform, but also have a deep understanding of business processes and IT architecture. In this blog, we take a closer look at what a Mendix consultant does and how they contribute to achieving business goals.

The duties of a Low-Code Mendix consultant:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
    A Mendix consultant often begins by gathering requirements from the client. This includes understanding the business processes, identifying bottlenecks and defining the objectives of the application.
  • Design and modeling
    Based on the collected requirements, the consultant designs the architecture of the Mendix application. This includes creating data models, designing user interfaces and defining application logic.
  • Development and configuration
    After the design is complete, the consultant gets to work developing the application. Using Mendix’s visual modeling tool, they build the various components of the application and configure the necessary business logic.
  • Integration with existing systems
    An important part of a Mendix consultant’s work is integrating the new application with existing systems and data sources within the organization. This requires a thorough understanding of both new and existing systems.
  • Testing and debugging
    Before the application goes live, the consultant performs extensive testing to ensure that it functions properly and is error-free. Any problems are identified and fixed during the debugging process.
  • Implementation and training
    After successful testing, the application is implemented within the organization. The consultant often provides training and support to end users to ensure they can use the application effectively.

A day in the life of a Mendix consultant

To get a better understanding of the work of a Mendix consultant, let’s look at the experience of Koen Hofs, an experienced Mendix consultant at Bizzomate. We recently followed him for a day and developed this blog to give a better picture of his activities on a working day.


Mendix consultants play an essential role in developing and implementing Mendix applications within organizations. With their expertise in both technology and business processes, they help clients achieve their goals and improve their business processes. If you’re looking for a partner to guide you through your Mendix journey, an experienced Mendix consultant from Bizzomate can certainly make all the difference.

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