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About us

Bizzomate is a company that aims for growth in four key areas. Founded by three successful entrepreneurs in Meerssen (NL), we strive for sustainable growth for our clients, individuals working at Bizzomate, the entire team, and society as a whole. We achieve this by helping our clients develop and deliver high-quality digital transformation projects, providing a pleasant yet challenging work environment for our team members, and setting and achieving ambitious growth goals. However, we never forget that there is more to life than making money.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bizzomate was established in 2012 with a mission to do more than just make a profit.

The company believes that it’s not only the government’s responsibility to address important societal issues, but every organization must also play its part towards its employees, families, and society as a whole. Therefore,

Bizzomate’s founders have implemented a unique principle where each employee is allowed to volunteer 10% of their working time. This way, the company strives to contribute to making society a little stronger.

Needless to say, we are very proud that this original idea is still alive and well and still one of the cornerstones of our wonderful organization. Curious about how we do this? Download the Bizzomate ‘social responsibility’ glossy, with some great personal stories.

Our core values


Together, our foundation.
That Together is a core value for Bizzomate is only natural, right? It is the basis of our vision Growing Together! What does Together stand for in our daily practice?


Courage is our superpower.
When we think of a superpower, we usually imagine dynamic and colorful cartoon characters, using their powers and speed to save the world. They are real heroes! We see you in the same light, as our heroes. But you possess one more superpower: courage!


We are tastemakers.
Imagine ten people lined up together. At first glance, they all appear to be alike. However, upon closer inspection, one person stands out. They look, move and speak a little differently. You might notice that they work at Bizzomate!

Of course, we are not the only Mendix implementation party out there. However, we were one of the first, and we stand out as being different. You can taste the difference, and that’s why you should choose us.

Behind the scenes

Performing with Mendix

The world is changing rapidly, and there is a growing need for automation and digitalization. Successful IT projects are essential to compete or excel in business. However, many projects take too long, exceed the budget, or fail to deliver the value they should.

Since 2012, we have been using ‘Low-Code‘ to make ‘high impact’. We do this exclusively with the Mendix platform, and with success, as we are one of the few Platinum Partners, a Certified Support Partner, and we are regularly named Mendix Partner of the Year.

Digital bridge builders

Many digital transformation projects often run into difficulties due to a lack of understanding between the shop floor and IT departments. To overcome this challenge, it is important to have digital bridge builders who can facilitate collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams, challenge entrenched ideas, and take the development process to the next level. The aim is to establish smart connections between supply and demand to achieve an effective, efficient, and better working methodology. By combining the best of Low-Code development with proven design and development methods, we can create truly agile companies.

Why Mendix?

Are you looking to develop applications quickly and efficiently? Look no further than the Mendix platform. This innovative platform streamlines the development process, allowing organizations to innovate faster and adapt to changes in the market with ease. Additionally, the use of Low-Code technology means that you can build powerful and scalable business solutions without the need for extensive coding. This visual and model-driven approach to development also promotes better collaboration between business and IT, making it easier to work together effectively. By leveraging the power of Mendix, you can reduce your operational costs and achieve your software development goals more efficiently than ever before.

What are analysts saying about Mendix Low-Code?

Analysts predict that the Low-Code market will cross the $50 billion mark by 2028.

It is estimated that the generative AI market will grow 36% annually during the rest of this decade AND that Low-Code + DPA platforms are ready for this growth and shift.

By 2024, Low-Code is expected to account for more than 65% of all application development.

Starting in 2023, Low-Code platforms will become the primary method for developing enterprise applications, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

A significant proportion of business developers, 87%, use Low-Code for some of their work.

Mendix has been recognized as a leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms in 2023, for the fifth consecutive time.

By 2024, 75% of large enterprises are expected to use at least four different Low-Code development tools, both to develop IT applications and to foster “citizen development” initiatives.

Get inspired by practical customer examples

Mental Care Group

Optimization of care

Bizzomate supports Mental Care Group in making healthcare more accessible, efficient and futureproof

View case
Optimization of care


Fiber optic planning optimization

Mendix Low-Code application increases grip and control of hundreds of fiber projects nationwide

View case
Fiber optic planning optimization

GGZ inGeest

Digitizing healthcare logistics

Low-code apps provide process support throughout the entire client journey at GGZ inGeest

View case
Digitizing healthcare logistics

Maastricht UMC+

Optimization of internship planning

MUMC+ optimizes internship planning with Low-Code and ensures internships are precisely tailored to students' needs

View case
Optimization of internship planning


Medical Acceptance

How Monuta acquired more customers, increased customer satisfaction and gained new market opportunities with Avola Decision

View case
Medical Acceptance

Royal IHC

Getting the customer on board

Bizzomate driving force behind strategic digitalization program at Royal IHC

View case
Getting the customer on board

Internationale verzekeraar

Efficiency improvement at claims handler

International insurer makes major efficiency gains for claims handling with Avola Decision

View case
Efficiency improvement at claims handler

Internationaal bouwbedrijf

Error-free payroll calculations

European construction company improves efficiency and employee satisfaction with Avola Decision for salary calculation

View case
Error-free payroll calculations

We Are Not

Error-free payroll calculations

Het Maastricht Universitair Medisch Centrum zet Avola Decision in om medisch personeel te helpen bij de snelle beoordeling van Corona-patiënten op de Eerste Hulp

View case
Error-free payroll calculations


Optimizing medical admin.

Replacing outdated systems that support more efficient handling of administrative tasks

View case
Optimizing medical admin.


Simplified quality control

Manage data 50 times faster for real-time insights and better quality control with a flexible portal

View case
Simplified quality control


Optimize customer experience

The new back-office system supports MediReva in optimizing the customer experience

View case
Optimize customer experience

Benefits for each role

Big time savings with low-code

“We have succeeded in automating our contract management almost completely. This saves a lot of time and gives us more time to fully focus on the growth of Maximus.”

Tom Visschers

Managing partner at Maximus Real Estate Management

Live in 8 weeks

“I found this method to be special and it turned out to be a super beautiful baby.”

Maudie Derks

CEO Acture Group

Learned a lot

“We should have had this earlier! Not only do we now have a widely used application, but we also learned a lot from agile working, which we are now applying in our other projects.”

Rene van Goudzwaard

Head of Information Management at TBI

Meeting targets

“We have regained oversight of our projects and we can manage our projects more efficiently, which brings us significantly closer to our overall goal of making fiber available to everyone in the country.”

Martin Wanschers

COO at Glaspoort

Agile working method ensures fast delivery

“With Bizzomate’s help, experience and expertise, we have implemented agile teams and a strategy equipped to rapidly deliver and execute a minimum viable product.”

Edward Heijkers


Future-proof application landscape

“We are very happy with the new platform. Our application landscape is now future-proof and we can help our customers more efficiently and faster. We have also enjoyed the cooperation with Bizzomate. They provide excellent support at both the strategic and executive levels.”

Gert Beliën

Director of ICT & services at Easytocare

Increase efficiency of organization

“By investing in back-office applications as an ICT department, we are creating the ideal framework conditions to reduce client processing time and significantly increase the efficiency of our organization in the coming years. We partnered with Bizzomate because they have the technology, expertise and experience to support this digitization process from start to finish.”

Klaas Nieuwhof

ICT director at GGZ InGeest

Away from paper and Excel

“Until recently, many of our complex business processes took place on paper or in Excel. To change this, we finally decided that a digital shell was needed over our entire IT landscape. After research, Low-Code turned out to be the perfect solution to achieve these goals.”

Jaap van der Welle

CIO at Mourik

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