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Fourth Consecutive ‘Great Place To Work’ Certification for Bizzomate

21 March 2024 • News

Bizzomate, a specialist in customized software solutions for digitizing and optimizing business processes, has achieved the ‘Great Place To Work‘ certification for the fourth consecutive time. This year, the independent survey among employees resulted in a total score of 96%, comfortably meeting the requirements for the fourth certificate and showing a slight increase compared to last year (95%).

Anne van der Heide, Happiness Officer at Bizzomate, stated, “We are extremely proud of the improved total score for our fourth consecutive Great Place To Work certification. It demonstrates that even in an organization that is already performing well, scores can still be enhanced. We achieve this by carefully analyzing the feedback from the Great Place To Work survey and then actively addressing the areas for improvement. Based on this year’s results, for example, we want to explore how we can further optimize feedback opportunities and communication with employees. With that, we hope to achieve an even higher score for next year.”

Independent anonymous research
Great Place To Work Netherlands certified Bizzomate for the fourth time following an independent and anonymous survey among employees. Five key values were examined: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. The Great Place To Work approach is utilized in over 60 countries, across more than 10,000 organizations worldwide.

100 percent scores
This year’s total score is fully representative as all employees participated in the survey. Additionally, 100 percent of the employees rated the organization’s contribution to society positively. At Bizzomate, employees are allowed to dedicate 10 percent of their time to a social cause.

Also, the statement that making mistakes is acceptable and part of the job was positively assessed by 100 percent of the survey participants. On all other assessed values: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie, Bizzomate scored well above 90 percent again this year.

Adjustments based on Great Place To Work feedback
Bizzomate works with the CultureClub, a special team of engaged employees, every year to address the survey results. Based on feedback from the previous year, profit-sharing for employees has been optimized, job profiles have been clearly defined, and employees are now better informed about their career advancement opportunities. As a result, the score for clearly communicating management expectations has increased this year from 84 to 94 percent. Based on the feedback from this year’s survey, the CultureClub will also develop a plan of action. Bizzomate hopes to further improve its rankings.

High eNPS score
For the first time this year, the eNPS score has been included in the survey. This eNPS score (Employee Net Promoter Score) measures the level of employee satisfaction and loyalty within an organization. The score is calculated based on the percentage of employees who would recommend the organization to others. Bizzomate achieved a score of 93 percent, an excellent indication of satisfaction and loyalty among employees.

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