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Business Rules Automation

Business Rules Automation

Supercharge your application landscape with our business rule engine.

Centralize your business logic for optimization of digital decision making. Simplify complex business rules, increase operational efficiency and minimize errors. Benefit from fast and transparent decision-making in real-time, while flexibility and transparency give you the control to customize your business rules.

What are business rules?

An example of a business rule:
‘If a customer’s credit score is higher than 600, assign the loan application.’

This rule and underlying rules to determine credit score can be easily implemented in a Business Rule Engine to make consistent, efficient and transparent decisions on loan applications.

Benefits of a Business Rule Engine

Improved efficiency

Automating (complex) business rules and reducing routine tasks and manual intervention improves operational efficiency.

Quick decision making

A Business Rule Engine allows companies to make decisions in real time based on predefined rules. This results in faster and more consistent decision making, which is crucial in a business environment where rules need to be applied and changed quickly.

Minimization of errors

Automating business rules with a Business Rule Engine significantly reduces human error. Setting the rules accurately minimizes the chance of errors, inconsistencies and misinterpretations.


A business rule engine gives customers the flexibility to make changes to business rules quickly and easily without IT know-how. This makes adapting to changing circumstances, compliance requirements or internal policy changes easy.

Automate processes with low-code

McKinsey research shows that up to seventy percent of employees’ current tasks can be automated. This opens the door to profound changes in the way companies operate. At Bizzomate, we can help automate with low-code and give advice on which processes in your company are best suited for this. Download the white paper and discover the future of efficient business!



Process Automation

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What people say about us

In a very short time, Bizzomate built a user-friendly and easily customizable application that allows us to serve our organization and our customers in the best possible way.

Roy Hageman

Product Owner Tulpenfonds

Agile working and developing in Mendix were two new challenges for a newly formed team. Bizzomate took us by the hand and together we delivered a result that was highly appreciated by the students.

Yvonne Stassen

Product Owner bij Universiteit Maastricht

We have regained oversight of our projects and we can manage our projects more efficiently, which brings us significantly closer to our overall goal of making fiber available to everyone in the country.

Martin Wanschers

COO bij Glaspoort

I can honestly say that the selection of Mendix and Bizzomate for rapid software development has been crucial in achieving our goals.

Arjan van Limborgh

Product Owner Digital Business bij Royal IHC

We should have had this earlier! Not only do we now have a widely used application, but we also learned a lot from agile working, which we now apply in our other projects.

Rene van Goudzwaard

Hoofd Informatiemanagement bij TBI

Impressed by how the platform facilitated a significant efficiency boost for us. Avola Decision has intelligently structured our decision-making process, enabling us to be more flexible, transparent, and better serve our customers.

Chief Operation Officer

International Claims Handler

Avola Decision has exceeded our expectations by far. We are thrilled to see that decision management has not only contributed to improving our payroll calculations and employee satisfaction but also can support strategic decisions impacting our business outcomes.

Enterprise Architect

Construction Company

The Avola Business Rule Engine has completely proved its worth. So we certainly expect more projects using the rule engine in the near future

Roland Henrard

Carglass België

The result

With process automation, you can save a lot of time spent on common and recurring processes. Those savings can make you more efficient as an organization, or give you more time to focus on initiatives that add real value to your organization and make work more enjoyable for colleagues.

Improve risk management

By reducing the risk of errors and compliance problems

Promote innovation

By automating routine tasks, employees can focus on initiatives around innovation

Make data-driven decisions

With valuable data from automated systems

Increase Scalability

Scale up faster as demand increases

Improve Customer Service

Through automated processes a faster and more streamlined service

Increase Productivity:

By having some of the tasks performed by automated systems

News & Insights

Frequently asked questions:

How do I use a business rule engine?

With our business rule engine, it becomes possible to model business rules in a simple and systematic way. The business rule engine can then be called by (low-code) applications to automatically apply the business rules to your business processes.

When should I use Mendix for process automation versus RPA?

Mendix application development and workflow, and RPA can be very complementary. Use Mendix for process automation when you want to model and integrate complex business processes across systems, with a focus on flexibility and user experience. Choose RPA when your primary goal is to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks without changing the underlying systems.

When should I use Mendix for process automation versus iBPMS?

There is an overlap in the types of processes that Mendix and BPM vendors can address.

Use Mendix for process automation when you need rapid development and deployment of applications that require seamless integration between different systems and a high degree of adaptability. Choose an iBPMS when your focus is on complex business processes that require extensive workflow management capabilities and in-depth process analysis.

What business processes can be automated?

There are several business processes at almost every company that can be automated. The most common processes that can be automatedarethe invoicing process, inventory management and data entry. Software then for example for that invoices are automatically prepared and sent and payments are tracked. As a result, fewer errors are made and employees spend less time on administration.

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