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Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

As an entrepreneur, you are busy every day trying to stay one step ahead in the competitive marketplace. You want to grow, work more efficiently and deliver a service that makes your customers happy. But that is easier said than done in a world that is changing at lightning speed. Automation and digitization are here to stay, and to be successful, you have to keep up. Providing a top “digital customer experience” is crucial to the success of your business.

But how do you choose the right platform that really makes your customers happy? Everything changes so quickly, and it’s hard to know what really works. One thing is clear: if you don’t offer an impressive digital experience, you risk losing customers to your competitors. Closing this gap is essential, as an outstanding digital experience is imperative today.

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Strengthen your brand

Build a strong brand, by building a consistent and high-quality digital interaction with your customers

Encourage Sustainable Growth

innovative low-code solutions strengthen your market position

Increase loyalty

Under promise, over deliver”. Exceed your customers’ expectations with a seamless and personalized digital experience.

Optimize the operation

Reduce costs, accelerate response times and gain better insight into customer behavior.

We know the way!

At Bizzomate, we are more than just consultants; we are your partner in transformation. With our extensive expertise and proven approach, we provide the knowledge and support needed to design and develop new solutions.

We build bridges between your current IT landscape and tomorrow’s possibilities. With all the capabilities of the Mendix platform, we set up a modern, seamless and streamlined digital experience for your enterprise.



Accelerating innovation with low-code


What people say about us

I am really impressed with the impact we have already been able to make in a few months.

Jaap van der Welle

CIO bij Mourik

Bizzomate’s probing keeps us on our toes and always gets us to the actual problem.

Linda Ramaekers


Now that we have discovered what is possible, we see many more opportunities for the optimization of various other business processes.

Elias Becker

Seacon Logistics

Bizzomate was more than IT. Bizzomate was exactly the partner we needed for the development of our application.

Paul Nieland

Algemeen Directeur bij Acture Groep

Thanks to Bizzomate’s expertise and an agile approach, we were able to fully leverage the power of Low-Code.

Martijn Mennen


Digital customer experience platfom

Maximize impact with a seamless, consistent and personalized customer experience across all digital “touchpoints. A platform with, integrated Low-Code Portals, Mobile apps and AI assistants that deliver insights into customer behavior, allowing you to sharpen your strategies.

Speed up your service

Give your customers an environment where they can help themselves 24 x 7. Give your customer more control and reduce the pressure on the service desk.

Avoid frustration

Difficult to navigate portals, slow loading times, or no mobile availability. A poor digital experience leads to frustration and ultimately fewer orders.

Increase bonding

A seamless and user-friendly digital experience on any device, streamlined navigation and optimized processes, leads to happier customers.

Staying behind is not an option

We must constantly innovate to improve the customer experience. A smooth and enjoyable online experience is a must in this digital economy.

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What is meant by digital customer experience?

Digital customer experience includes all digital channels – websites, mobile applications, self-service portals, etc. – that a customer or prospect uses to connect with a brand. Internal back-office processes also contribute to digital customer experience.

How does digitization improve customer experiences?

Digitization helps brands provide the tailored experiences that modern consumers expect, increasing customer loyalty and engagement.

Seventy-three percent of consumers say a good experience is essential to influence their brand loyalty. And thanks to laptops, smartphones, voice assistants and a plethora of other devices, almost all customer experiences begin digitally. Digitization allows companies to compete and succeed by creating targeted mobile applications, portals, interfaces and other customer-facing tools.

What can I build with Mendix to increase the digital customer experience for web and mobile?

Mendix enables organizations to quickly bring customized applications wherever your customer is. With our low-code approach, we provide a single technology stack that our customers use to serve their markets in the form of portals, mobile applications and wearables. A single tech stack means you can have one developer create more different experiences, rather than flying in experts for each separate domain.

Can Mendix mobile applications be rolled out to the various app stores?

Yes, you can build native mobile applications for both the Apple and Android app stores.

Can Mendix work offline even when a user has a poor mobile/wifi connection?

Yes, with Mendix, both our native mobile applications and progressive web applications can work offline and synchronize data once the connection is restored.

What mobile frameworks does Mendix use?

Mendix uses the React framework to deliver responsive web, PWA and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Can I reuse logic between web, PWA and native mobile apps?

Yes. With Mendix, you can use all three interfaces from a single project. If multiple UIs are needed, it can reuse domain model, application data, offline synchronization routines, server-side logic and client-side logic. Starting over is not necessary.

I need help with the applications my employees use when interacting with customers. Can Mendix help?

Improving the employee experience of your internal applications is just as important as improving the applications you provide to your customers. With Mendix, you can deliver applications that streamline inefficient processes and aggregate fragmented information, allowing your employees to better interact with customers.

What is an example of digital customer experience?

Digital customer experiences are entirely about delivering the right data to the right person at the right time. You can surprise your users by using the latest technologies and becoming a customer-centric organization. This could be by creating a user-friendly customer portal, an application that works with IoT turnstiles, or a groundbreaking mobile banking application.

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