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Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

As an entrepreneur, you are working every day to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Growing, working more efficiently and providing a service that makes people happy is the goal. This must be done in a world that is changing rapidly. Automation and digitization have become the norm and you have to keep up.

At the same time, the software you use can keep up with this change with increasing difficulty. This “legacy software” is increasingly expensive to maintain, increasingly difficult to modify, and it frustrates your team.

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Expanding existing systems

Preserve core systems while building open and flexible apps that integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Replace and accelerate

Gradually move to a modern, vital and flexible application landscape.


Develop modern applications that incrementally replace your outdated systems.

We know the way!

At Bizzomate, we are more than just consultants; we are your partner in transformation. With our extensive expertise and proven approach, we provide the knowledge and support needed to design, develop and successfully deploy new solutions.

We build bridges between your current IT landscape and tomorrow’s possibilities. With these modern solutions and smart digitalization, we accelerate your company’s innovation.


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What people say about us

”We are very happy with the new platform. Our application landscape is now future-proof and we can help our customers more efficiently and quickly. The cooperation with Bizzomate has also been good. They provide excellent support at both the strategic and executive levels.”


Gert Beliën

Directeur ICT & services bij Easytocare

We should have had this earlier! Not only do we now have a widely used application, but we also learned a lot from agile working, which we now apply in our other projects.

Rene van Goudzwaard

Hoofd Informatiemanagement bij TBI

“We partnered with Bizzomate because they have the technology, expertise and experience to support this digitization process from start to finish.”

Klaas Nieuwhof

ICT directeur van GGZ InGeest

The new portal, has future-proofed us and allows us to further streamline the claims reporting and claims handling process.

Egon Jacobs

VGA Verzekeringen

I am really impressed with the impact we have already been able to make in a few months.

Jaap van der Welle

CIO bij Mourik

A future-proof environment

An application landscape that supports growth, improves operational efficiency and increases customer satisfaction. Together we create the new foundation on which you can build toward a successful future.

Improve efficiency

Work with modern custom solutions that fit seamlessly with the needs and requirements of your team.

Save costs

Move to a modern cloud and save on maintenance and operational costs.

Improve the user experience

Your employees and your customers expect a user-friendly, modern and digital environment

Better Security

Leave old systems behind and reduce the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats.


Take advantage of the capabilities and innovations of the Mendix platform.

Take advantage of business opportunities

And beat the competition with a great digital experience for your customers.

Frequently asked questions:

What are legacy systems?

Legacy systems are old, outdated business technologies and processes that are critical to business operations. A legacy system is limited to the tasks for which it was originally designed and usually cannot integrate with newer, modern business systems.

Examples of common legacy systems include Lotus Notes, Domino and SAP ECC.

What is legacy modernization?

Legacy modernization is the process of updating and optimizing business systems to improve operations. As an integral part of digital transformation, legacy modernization is an investment that organizations are making to build more powerful, future-proof applications.

How can low-code application development help organizations modernize their legacy systems?

Low-code application development can help organizations modernize their legacy systems by providing a faster and more flexible approach to developing new applications and integrating with existing systems. A low-code platform such as Mendix offers the ability to replace or enhance existing systems gradually and without major disruptions.

In what ways does low-code facilitate the integration of modern applications with existing legacy systems?

Low-code platforms provide powerful integration tools and APIs that allow modern applications to seamlessly interface with existing legacy systems, without the need for complex code. This approach allows organizations to reap the benefits of new technologies while continuing to use their existing systems.

How does replacing legacy software benefit a company?

You can answer this question from different perspectives. If you look at cost and efficiency, you lower costs, improve the user experience for customers and staff, and lower your risks, especially in the area of security. You can also look at this question from the future perspective of your business. A legacy migration provides you with a digitally compliant company. When good ideas come out of the business, you can estimate what it’s going to cost, what it’s going to produce and how you can execute it. Ultimately, that is something every business should be able to do.

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