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Audit Trail for Mendix

Audit Trail for Mendix

Implement comprehensive monitoring for all your Mendix apps and create transparent logs from who is logging in to what happened and when it occurred.

Comply with laws, regulations and professional standards and guarantee that no important action in a Mendix app goes unnoticed.

Strong Mendix Apps


Comprehensive and detailed logs.


The important events.


The reliability of your app.

Strong Mendix Applications!

Make your Mendix apps even stronger and ensure a secure, transparent and compliant working environment. Increase the reliability and transparency of your Mendix apps with the Bizzomate Audit Trail. This module, developed and supported by Bizzomate, provides unparalleled control and insight into all user activity of your Mendix apps.

Audit Trail for Mendix

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What the Marketplace says about us

”The most comprehensive scheduling functionalities and that with simple configuration. This widget is truly the ultimate planner!”


Herbert Lebens

Eigenaar AMACO B.V.

”Great, flexible widget with a great team behind it. If you need scheduling flexibility, especially within teams and projects, I highly recommend this.”


Kitti Bradley

Director at Mother Trucking

“Great, very happy to see developers building these great tools to improve our productivity and quality!”



a Mendix Marketplace DevTool user


”Fantastic widget, works great and hardly any configuration is required.”


Jarno Koopman

Chief Technology Officer bij PSOHub

”We use this widget frequently in our app. Very flexible, easy to implement with numerous configuration options and we received great support from the team. It also looks great ;-)”


Guillaume Cordonatto

Lead architect at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Frequently asked questions:

From which Mendix version can I use Search for Mendix?

Audit Trail for Mendix supports Mendix 9.19.0 and higher.

I have a problem with this module. Who can help me with this?

If you have technical questions, please email Our support team will be happy to help you.

Why should I use the Audit Trail?

In certain cases, it is useful to know who has changed what in an application, both on the backend and frontend. In some cases, sensitive financial or medical data may be important to record changes. At least then you know who adjusted which value.

What user actions can be tracked?

Virtually all changes to the data can be traced. For each object, for example, you can see which attributes have changed and in what they have changed.

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