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MUMC+ officially adopts tracking system for trainee physicians developed by Bizzoplan

15 March 2024 • News

Maastricht, March 18, 2024 – Today, the Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+) has implemented AORTA, a new central tracking system for Residents in Training (AIOS). The application has been developed by Bizzoplan, a specialist in custom software solutions for digitizing and optimizing business processes at the intersection of healthcare and education. In addition to registering training trajectories, AORTA streamlines the onboarding process for AIOS and provides centralized insight into available positions for residents.

Every year, thousands of training periods for AIOS at various institutions in Southeast Netherlands need to be registered. The existing system was no longer supported, prompting the Education and Training Region Southeast Netherlands (OORZON) to search for a new application. OORZON chose Bizzoplan, partly due to positive experiences with Stageplanner, an application for efficiently matching nursing students with departments for scheduling placements. Bizzoplan then developed the AIOS’ Training Registration Application (AORTA).

Useful modules
With AORTA, training trajectories for AIOS can now be centrally registered and monitored. Additionally, the application includes various handy modules to facilitate collaboration among OORZON partners:
The comparison module checks whether the data from the personnel systems in the training region matches the data in the quality registers. This ensures precise identification of any necessary corrections in the registration of the training trajectory.
The onboarding module simplifies the process of onboarding and detaching AIOS. Herbert Lebens, product owner of AORTA, explains: “On average, a resident switches employers four times during their career. Our onboarding module ensures that residents do not have to repeatedly provide all their data and documents. This saves both residents and HR staff a considerable amount of time.”
The allocation module makes the distribution of AIOS among participating institutions fully transparent. This promotes fair and transparent distribution across the region and maximizes the utilization of available training positions.

Flexibly adaptable
AORTA has been initially implemented at the MUMC+. In the coming period, the rest of the hospitals and healthcare institutions in Southeast Netherlands will follow suit. The application is offered as a standard cloud application, but thanks to its flexible structure, AORTA can be easily adapted to specific requirements. Moreover, AORTA can seamlessly integrate with other systems, ensuring smooth integration into existing IT infrastructures.

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