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Business Rule Engine

Our no-code business rule platform Avola Decision is optimized to automate your business rules. Centralize your business logic and maintain your business rules in a user-friendly and non-technical way. Avola Decision is a proven solution to model, automate, maintain and control all business rules in your application landscape.

Discover for yourself how Avola Decision elevates the management and reuse of automated business rules to a higher level. Optimize your business processes, save time, and minimize errors with our powerful solution.

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Transparency of business rules

Avola Decision provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to define and understand business rules. Without any programming knowledge, users can effortlessly create their own rules.

Business logic centralized and reusable

Store all your business rules in one central location. This not only simplifies management, but also makes rule reuse a streamlined process. Avola Decision allows you to design business rules in a modular way. This means you can reuse rules in different contexts and processes, maximizing efficiency.

Speed and flexibility

Let the business create, modify, test and release business rules without IT intervention.

Insightful and traceable

Benefit from a clear visual overview of how your rules are applied in your processes. With Avola Decision, you have complete control over versions of business rules. This ensures that you can always access historical versions and track changes.

What customers say about Avola

The 24-hour availability of Avola Decision is crucial for us. This rule engine is an indispensable sales tool; if it fails, sales stagnate. Fortunately, we’ve never experienced any breakdowns!

Hans van Gerrevink


Most importantly, however, we have not had to perform a single re-billing since using the Avola Rule Engine. The prices are always correct now. As a result, we save time on administration, we no longer miss out on sales, and what is much more crucial, it contributes significantly to our reliability towards customers.

Insights Manager


Avola Decision exceeded our expectations. We are pleased to see that using Avola has not only helped improve our payroll calculations and employee satisfaction, but can also support strategic decisions that impact our financial results.”

Enterprise Architect

Koninklijke BAM Groep

We are convinced that the deployment of Avola Decision made an important contribution to facilitating the screening of Corona patients at MUMC+ at the beginning of the pandemic.

Fabian Tijssen

We Are Not

With Avola Decision, we need fewer underwriters to process more premium claims, so implementing this solution has resulted in significant cost savings and significant improvement in our efficiency.

Team Manager ICT DevOps

De Goudse Verzekeringen

Impressed by how the platform facilitated a significant efficiency boost for us. Avola Decision has intelligently structured our decision-making process, enabling us to be more flexible, transparent, and better serve our customers.

Chief Operation Officer

International Claims Handler

Discover Avola Decision

Common features

Custom headers

Travel Time


  • Interactive visual model of business rules
  • Create, view and edit user-friendly decision tables (DMN)
  • Version control and easy maintenance


  • Quickly create test scenarios for review
  • Import test scenarios from Excel
  • Compare changes and test different versions

Implementation and API

  • Simple REST APIs
  • Complete documentation for implementation
  • Test and Production API

Insight and analysis

  • Clear overview of applied business rules
  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities
  • BI export


  • ISAE 3402 certified
  • Configurable approval flow
  • Configurable user roles and permissions

Benefits for each role

Clear understanding of business rules

Because of the structured and standardized way in which business rules are modeled, it is possible for anyone to see and understand the business rules being applied.

Our visual decision model provides a clear overall view of applied business rules and the associated decision tables are easy to read.

Quickly and flexibly test and modify business rules

Avola Decision provides an approachable platform that allows business users to create, modify, test and release business rules themselves.
This therefore enables the business itself to apply and manage business rules, without the need to engage IT.

Future-proof application landscape

It is easier to make changes to the application landscape, knowing that the critical business rules are housed separately, rather than intertwined with application logic.

Distinction between business logic and application logic

IT no longer needs full knowledge of business logic to make quick adjustments to applications. In other words, IT can be deployed more easily and quickly because the context of business logic is housed separately in Avola Decision and not interwoven into the application itself.

Work we are proud of

Van Der Loo Yachtinteriors

Saving on material costs

Bizzomate helps Van Der Loo Yachtinteriors save on material costs

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Saving on material costs

Mental Care Group

Optimization of care

Bizzomate supports Mental Care Group in making healthcare more accessible, efficient and futureproof

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Optimization of care


Efficiency improvement

Bizzomate increases efficiency and improves compliance of logistics service provider Seacon

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Efficiency improvement

TBI - Voorbij Prefab

Valuable insights

Bizzomate increases insight into business processes TBI

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Valuable insights


Fiber optic planning optimization

Mendix Low-Code application increases grip and control of hundreds of fiber projects nationwide

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Fiber optic planning optimization

GGZ inGeest

Digitizing healthcare logistics

Low-code apps provide process support throughout the entire client journey at GGZ inGeest

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Digitizing healthcare logistics

Maastricht UMC+

Optimization of internship planning

MUMC+ optimizes internship planning with Low-Code and ensures internships are precisely tailored to students' needs

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Optimization of internship planning


Medical Acceptance

How Monuta acquired more customers, increased customer satisfaction and gained new market opportunities with Avola Decision

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Medical Acceptance

Royal IHC

Getting the customer on board

Bizzomate driving force behind strategic digitalization program at Royal IHC

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Getting the customer on board

Internationale verzekeraar

Efficiency improvement at claims handler

International insurer makes major efficiency gains for claims handling with Avola Decision

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Efficiency improvement at claims handler


Simplified quality control

Manage data 50 times faster for real-time insights and better quality control with a flexible portal

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Simplified quality control

Internationaal bouwbedrijf

Error-free payroll calculations

European construction company improves efficiency and employee satisfaction with Avola Decision for salary calculation

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Error-free payroll calculations

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