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DevTools for Mendix

DevTools for Mendix

An essential tool for any Mendix developer. This innovative tool gives you a completely different perspective of your Mendix app. Take a 360-degree view of user rights and work visually and intuitively with all the data in your Mendix app.

The Bizzomate DevTools help Mendix developers quickly identify, analyze and resolve vulnerabilities and bottleknecks in Mendix applications.

Boost the team

More efficient

Easily search and edit application data.


Verify and strengthen the security of your Mendix app.

Developer Delight

Sleep well and be sure you haven’t missed anything.

Developed by experts
and available for FREE!

Bizzomate has been a Mendix partner from the very beginning. We have not forgotten the role the Mendix ecosystem has played in our success, which is why we are happy to share our DevTools with all Mendix developers. Free, “no strings attached”.

We are proud that more than 1,000 Mendix developers from around the world use Bizzomate DevTools to optimize their development process. This is how we do our part to ensure safe and fast Mendix apps for everyone.

Bizzomate DevTools

In the Chrome webstore

Infromation & Download

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with the DevTools?

Download the Bizzomate DevTools from the Edge or Chrome store(s). and import the Bizzomate DevTools module from the Mendix Marketplace into your project.

Make sure the ‘enabled constant’ in this module is set to true for the environments where you want to make Bizzomate DevTools available.

Why do I need a module in my app?

With this module, we create an additional hurdle that makes it a little harder for people to just look at different Mendix apps. In doing so, we try to minimize abuse.

What happens to my data when I use DevTools?

Bizzomate does not collect data with the DevTools. DevTools itself does not connect to external sources. The developer is not “tracked” in any way through the Bizzomate DevTools.

I press alt+b or cmd+b but nothing happens?

Make sure you’ve installed the Bizzomate DevTool module from the Mendix Marketplace and set the constant to enabled.

And this is really free?

For sure! The DevTools are 100% free, no questions asked, no strings attached, no snags 😉

What the Marketplace says about us

”We use this widget frequently in our app. Very flexible, easy to implement with numerous configuration options and we received great support from the team. It also looks great ;-)”


Guillaume Cordonatto

Lead architect at Siemens Digital Industries Software

”Great, flexible widget with a great team behind it. If you need scheduling flexibility, especially within teams and projects, I highly recommend this.”


Kitti Bradley

Director at Mother Trucking

”The most comprehensive scheduling functionalities and that with simple configuration. This widget is truly the ultimate planner!”


Herbert Lebens

Eigenaar AMACO B.V.

“Great, very happy to see developers building these great tools to improve our productivity and quality!”



a Mendix Marketplace DevTool user


”Fantastic widget, works great and hardly any configuration is required.”


Jarno Koopman

Chief Technology Officer bij PSOHub

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