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Mental Care Group chooses Bizzomate to build three new care portals

23 April 2024 • News

Bizzomate, a specialist in software solutions for digitizing and optimizing business processes, has developed a new employee health portal for healthcare provider Mental Care Group (MCG). Vitalmindz is the first of three portals for clients, client employees and practitioners to be built with Low-Code. The portals have capabilities for self-help for clients, providing care remotely and helping to reduce the administrative burden for practitioners. In doing so, they contribute to more efficient and accessible mental health care.

Vitalmindz’ new portal helps employers support their employees in increasing their vitality and preventing dropout through various e-health modules, webinars and online coaching sessions. The launches of a client portal and a treatment portal will follow soon. These portals will be used annually by some 80,000 clients and 2,000 practitioners.

Agile technology as the foundation
MCG had two key requirements for the portals; the underlying technology had to be agile so that it could easily adapt to rapidly changing healthcare conditions. In addition, the portals had to be user-friendly because they are used by a wide audience, from young children to the elderly. No standard software was available that met these requirements, after which MCG decided to develop the portals with Mendix low-code.

Gerbrand van de Beek, chief digital officer at MCG: “Low-Code is often used for internal business processes and enterprise applications while our portals had to be suitable for clients. This places high demands on usability and accessibility options, such as colorblindness. So we asked Bizzomate to build the Vitalmindz portal as a test-case for low-code based on a design provided by an external party. They delivered this to our complete satisfaction, within time and budget, after which we also started working together on the other portals.

Henry Kraaijenbos, partner at Bizzomate: “MCG is a forward-thinking healthcare organization, with the vision and ambition needed to provide solutions to the major challenges in healthcare. Their choice of low-code to implement their digital strategy is a good example. The construction of the three portals, and the experience and expertise gained from this collaboration, will further help MCG provide more accessible and efficiently organized care. In addition, during and after this process, we are pulling together so that we can use the lessons learned to further advance other healthcare organizations that face similar challenges.”

Reuse saves considerable time
Although the three portals serve different audiences, there is overlap between the requested functionality, such as e-health modules and content management. Choosing Mendix Low-Code makes it easy to reuse those functionalities, saving a considerable amount of time. In addition, because the platform already meets important security standards by default, it was easier to add functionalities that help provide care remotely, such as chat or image calling with a practitioner. This is often challenging to implement because of the strict security and privacy standards in healthcare.

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