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Digitization with Low-Code offers healthcare unprecedented opportunities. It can improve the quality of processes, reduce wait times and reduce frustrations on the workfloor. only how set up a future-oriented application landscape in an industry in which the laws and regulations are constantly changing? How do you make sure your applications meet the specific carerequirements? And do you purchase careapplications or rather have them built? At Bizzomate We know the challenges of healthcare and use the power of Low-Code to get rid of outdated systems, improve the quality of your healthcare logistics processand serve clients faster and more efficiently.

More time for the client

Reduce administrative pressure

And give care staff more time for core tasks

Help clients be more efficient

So they get to the right place faster

Improve processes

And save time

Reduce frustrations in the workplace

And increase employee satisfaction

The digital revolution in healthcare

It is high time for our healthcare sector to leap forward on the digital playing field; there are so many untapped innovation opportunities. At Bizzomate, we are convinced that things can and should be better, because healthcare plays a crucial role in our society. Discover how digitization with low-code results in working solutions that meet all the specific requirements of healthcare.





Digitization of healthcare logistics

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What people say about us

When all internships are scheduled through Internship Planner, the hospital gets a complete overview of available resources of interns by department. That is something we have missed in the past.

Herbert Lebens

Informatiemanager bij MUMC+

”We are very happy with the new platform. Our application landscape is now future-proof and we can help our customers more efficiently and quickly. The cooperation with Bizzomate has also been good. They provide excellent support at both the strategic and executive levels.”


Gert Beliën

Directeur ICT & services bij Easytocare

The choice of Bizzomate & Low-Code to execute our digital strategy has proven to be the right one.

Gerbrand van de Beek

Mental Care Group

With Stageplanner, we can now organize an internship that perfectly matches the student’s preferences, resulting in less dropout.

Mark van IJsselstein


Employees who receive information from Internship Planner are very satisfied. They can now schedule students much more efficiently. In addition, because Internship Planner provides us with a central overview of all available internships in our institution, it is much easier to quickly match the right student with the right department.

Paul van Putten

Manager bij Zuyderland Ziekenhuis

“We partnered with Bizzomate because they have the technology, expertise and experience to support this digitization process from start to finish.”

Klaas Nieuwhof

ICT directeur van GGZ InGeest

Bizzomate’s probing keeps us on our toes and always gets us to the actual problem.

Linda Ramaekers


Why choose the professionals of Bizzomate?

We show you that automating processes can be done differently. No bottomless pit of overpriced or delayed automation projects, but high-quality custom Low-Code applications that allow you to respond quickly to the challenges within your institution.

Expert partner

70+ Mendix Low-Code experts, recognized European Mendix Cloud Partner of the Year.

Long-term focus

Not a hit and run company, but long-term customer relationships.


Expertise and quality are paramount, but pleasant cooperation is just as important.

Expert in Care

Builder of high impact solutions for dozens of institutions such as GGZ inGeest, Parnassia, Mentaal Beter and Zuyderland.

10+ years of low-code experience

With 10+ years of Low-Code experience, there is always an expert to solve your company’s challenge.

The result

With customized low-code applications, healthcare organizations can respond effortlessly to changing needs and requirements. This is how you accelerate your institution’s digital transformation. Experience the benefits: less workload, fewer workplace frustrations and more efficient processes. Low-code paves the way for improving the quality of care!

Flexible & schalable

Save costs

Tried and Proven

Improve cooperation

Reduce the workload

Lightning fast from idea to solution

Help clients be more efficient

Improve the quality of processes

Frequently asked questions:

How do you build the right application for a client?

Always start with clearly identifying the customer problem. It frequently happens that applications are developed without first fully understanding what problem an application is supposed to solve. To avoid this pitfall, we always start with a Design Thinking-session to develop a “shared understanding” of the problem. This approach provides a structured way to deeply analyze what the core problem is, for whom it provides what value, and how best to build or improve applications.

What can you do about an outdated interface in a portal or application?

At such a moment, dwell once again on what really is important to the end user. By once again asking what the end user actually wants when optimizing an outdated interface, the focus shifts to the user’s needs and expectations, which is essential to improving the end-user experience. In doing so, look not only at the renewal of visual elements, but also to the optimization of obsolete processes. It is the ideal opportunity to customize not only the form, but also the function of the application to build an optimized interface that perfectly suits the end user’s needs.

How do I ensure that customers experience the same app/tech convenience as with private apps?

With customers wanting to experience the same convenience with business apps as with private apps, the first question is always what exactly customers mean by “convenience” and “usability. Because these are subjective concepts that are perceived differently by everyone, it is essential to first understand your customer’s specific needs and preferences as well as possible.

By carefully asking about customers’ personal experience of ease of use, we can best anticipate a customer’s expectations and requirements and ultimately build applications where customers experience similar convenience to private apps.

How does replacing legacy software benefit a company?

You can answer this question from different perspectives. If you look at cost and efficiency, you lower costs, improve the user experience for customers and staff, and lower your risks, especially in the area of security. You can also look at this question from the future perspective of your business. A legacy migration provides you with a digitally compliant company. When good ideas come out of the business, you can estimate what it’s going to cost, what it’s going to produce and how you can execute it. Ultimately, that is something every business should be able to do.

What business processes can be automated?

There are several business processes at almost every company that can be automated. The most common processes that can be automatedarethe invoicing process, inventory management and data entry. Software then for example for that invoices are automatically prepared and sent and payments are tracked. As a result, fewer errors are made and employees spend less time on administration.

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