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Digitization of healthcare logistics

The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is lagging behind other European countries in terms of digitalization. However, this can and must be improved as healthcare is one of the most important sectors in our society. Digitization offers numerous opportunities to improve the quality of care and increase the efficiency of processes.

In this white paper, we discuss several challenges that healthcare organizations face when they want to use digitization to improve their business processes while meeting all the specific requirements of healthcare. We will show you how smart automation can be used to improve the quality of processes, reduce wait times, and minimize frustrations for healthcare professionals.

  • Buy or Build?
    How and when to choose between buying or building applications.
  • How do you set up the application landscape?
    How to prepare for future changes and what to consider.
  • Digitizing care logistics at treatment clients
    InGeest automated process for inflow, throughput and outflow with low-code and RPA.

Digitization of healthcare logistics