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Are you solving the right problems, or are you making software that nobody wants? Building the thing right is easy, identifying the right thing to build isn’t!

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Over the years we’ve seen many stable, scalable and innovative applications which didn’t deliver the value that the customer, their customer and/or users expected. In these scenarios often great technology, the latest features and the coolest functions were created to tackle the wrong problem. Assumptions lead to misunderstanding and nobody saw it coming…

Why business design?

For as long as customers have been seeking solutions from the computing industry, there’s been a gap between those who need a solution and those who provide one. A thorough understanding of your customer needs, why he/she needs it and how this will help to move the business forward, is extremely important when you’re setting out to develop a new application. Before committing to the development of a solution it’s wise to take a step back, create a common understanding of the problem and speak the same language. This will create the right focus on the correct pain points. Ideate and sketch out different solutions for these problems and decide which idea might provide a fitting solution. Quickly create a prototype, ask for feedback from real live users and fail fast if you need to. Remember, the most expensive way to validate an idea is to build working software that nobody wants.

Why would we invite you into the process early on?

Based on proven methods and frameworks like Design Thinking, Agile and SCRUM Bizzomate has developed a 4 step approach. This to create a better understanding between the needs from the business and the capabilities of IT. Which results in better solutions that help to engage with your customers, phase out legacy systems, optimize processes and stimulate innovation. No long research studies, or thick reports, but a pragmatic and creative approach to identify the right problems to solve before you start with the technical bits and bites to fix them.

An efficient journey from start to finish

01. Discover

Find out where you stand today, discuss your future organizational goals and discover possible paths to reach them.

02. Define

Based on a joint understanding, we look at the pros and cons, long- and short-term priorities. Take aim and choose what to shoot for; create focus and define the next steps.

03. Design

Create a plan and prototype rapidly. Validate or disprove your assumptions to learn more about what is actually required.

04. Do

The journey to the future you dreamt of is nothing without execution. Together, we move forward and make it happen. Victory is yours for the taking!

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Enterprise IT projects don’t always live up to expectations. They tend to fail. Are they too complex? Or is it all rocket science? Mostly not…. Don’t forget, 50 years ago we landed on the moon. So why is it so hard to book an order in our new system? Building things right is easy! But to discover what to build is so much harder.

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