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Quotation tool

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This global chemical company focuses on innovations meant to move away from a throwaway and wasteful culture and pursue a sustainable future for generations to come. To achieve more clean energy, they focus on helping the industry to reduce the cost of energy further.

Business need
The company was mostly still operating manually when it came to quotations. This would take a lot of time, and the process was quite unclear. There was also the desire to make more use of the massive amounts of data within the organisation. The idea was that this would generate extra revenue. An automated effort could help with this while saving valuable time and providing insight into what was being sold and at what price. This, in turn, would ensure customer retention because no one would be paying too much anymore.

Therefore, Bizzomate developed a tool that automatically issues quotations based on an external algorithm that takes into account volume, customer, and material type. With this desktop app, account managers can issue uniform quotes. Thanks to the integration with CRM of the customer data and SAP for the price history, all customers now receive fair quotations specifically tailored to them.

This easy-to-use quotation tool is also very fast. Drafting quotations now takes just a few minutes for both old and new customers, whereas it used to take several days for new customers.

The chemical company now has a uniform quotation tool that all of the account managers use. As a result, there are no longer any differences in the offers being made. Thanks to this automation, the quotations require much less time, and the account managers have more time to spend on other activities.

In a nutshell


International chemical company

Development time:

9 months


Health, Nutrition and Bioscience


Dutch chemical company working in Health, Nutrition and Bioscience.


  • Innovation
  • Legacy Migration

From our client

“I would recommend Bizzomate to any colleagues or anyone within my network for Mendix application projects/support. Great pace, commitment, positive attitude, knowledge and time management that we experienced was excellent, which was also acknowledged by stakeholders from various disciplines. Especially the cooperation with the business in identifying & determining certain logic, solutions and functionalities, instead of “just” developing business requests was a significant value-adding factor! They walk the extra mile, and Bizzomate will be the first that I’ll call for any Mendix related projects in the future!”
Pricing Excellence Manager

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