CASE - International Claims Handler

Handling Damage Assessment

A faster and more efficient way of handling damage assessment cases

About the customer

This international claims handler is a European market leader in claims handling & assessment in automotive & non-automotive expertise. Their claims division experts handles approx. 25.000 property & liability cases a year, in which their building experts go on-site for a claim appraisal or use video technology to secure the client’s needs.

Business need

Due to a couple of takeovers and mergers, the company had several working methods in place. On top of that, they saw an opportunity to make process improvements by updating some legacy systems. They wanted to work more efficiently and try to use their data for more valuable insights so that they can handle specific claims automatically in the future. A process-driven system would help monitor SLA delivery and can report clearly on specific KPI’s.


Bizzomate has developed a multichannel app which is available on the desktop and via a tablet. Case Handlers and front office use the desktop app. This dynamic case management system processes every claim the insurance companies provide. The system automatically delivers the case to the right team, depending on the type of claim so that it can be handled as swiftly as possible. After that, the claim is allocated to the right building expert. This expert uses a tablet app developed by Bizzomate, which seamlessly integrates with the desktop app at the backoffice to see his appointments, case details and register all his findings and photos of the on-site assessment.


This international claims handler now has a uniform working method across all of its Non-Automotive offices and is able to collect data that can be used to automate some parts of their business in the future. Besides, they now have a modern, robust IT-architecture in place which is easily expandable and scalable thanks to the use of microservices. And, most importantly, their experts have more time for their customers because they lose less time with administrative tasks.

In a nutshell


International claims handler

Development time:

36 weeks




Insurance solutions for transport by road, water and the automotive industry.


  • Engage
  • Legacy Migration
  • Dynamic Case Management

From our client

“In less than a year we managed to replace several outdated systems by a completely new system. From the start this has proven to be a challenging project, but working with Bizzomate and its developers ensured us of a fantastic end result. Certain parts of the handling process are now automated, with security measures to ensure no cases can be left behind. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to switch a team of 90 employees to a home office setup in a single day, thanks to the flexibility and reliability of the system, and predefined processes and tasks allowed us to seamlessly follow up on stock levels, SLA’s, KPI’s, etc.”
Director Non-Automotive Expertises

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