CASE - Business Design workshops at MediReva

Creating a shared understanding & build the right solution

Business design workshops Bizzomate put MediReva on the right track

Before starting a low-code project it is essential that the client and the builder know what requirements the new solution should meet. Yet, besides the initial wishlist there are often underlying questions that are not always addressed. By organizing a number of business design workshops, Bizzomate brought out the right questions for MediReva. “Bizzomate is not just there for the implementation, they really act as our business partner”.

MediReva is a real family business that has existed for over forty years. They focus on people with medical needs and supply medical equipment to support them. The company supplies incontinence materials, ostomy aids, medical nutrition and mobility aids, among other things. In order to get the right equipment to their customers, MediReva searched for technological solutions that would work well with their existing ERP package. They opted for Bizzomate, but before starting to build such an application, Bizzomate started with business design first.

You can leave building a solution to Bizzomate, but are you also building the right solution? ‘Building the right thing’, is what it is all about according to Bizzomate. The solution should not only work well, but should also provide an answer to the right questions in the organization. Speed is an important feature of low-code, but Bizzomate’s approach starts with answering one important question first: will this solution actually solve the problems of the organization?

4-step plan

To avoid surprises at a later stage, Bizzomate always starts a new project with business design which consists of 4 steps: Discover, Define, Design and Do. By involving all departments of an organization at the start, everyone gets a clear view of the plans. It is possible that those involved want the same outcome, but don’t envision the same road to get there. This four-step plan helps the organization to reach a shared understanding. So, at the start, everyone knows which route will be followed and everyone contributes to the plans.

MediReva started their collaboration with Bizzomate with a series of five workshops. To get the MediReva teams out of their daily routine, these workshops were held at the Bizzomate office. First all participants got to know each other by using an unconventional way to introduce themselves. “We used Picture Start”, explains Henry Kraaijenbos. “With this method, you tell a story about yourself using pictures. This way you discover completely new sides of your colleagues.” Bizzomate knows that because of these personal stories, it becomes easier to talk about the project later on

Who are you?

In their initial question MediReva already included their vision for the solution-to-be. Kraaijenbos: “We turned the question around and went back to the beginning during the first workshop: who are you? And who are your customers? How do you deal with them, and how would you like to deal with them? By asking and answering these questions, a long-term vision naturally emerges.”

The next workshop had a simple topic: tell us who your customers are. All participants were asked to put post-its with their answers on a flip chart sheet, but one sheet turned out to be not enough to define the customers. Kraaijenbos: “The discussion that subsequently ensued is very important. We learn from it. Why does someone think a doctor is a customer? And why not an insurer?

For various reasons these sessions are held in different groups, with people from inside and outside the organization. For MediReva’s management, for example, it turned out to be an eye-opener to see how nurses think about their corporate strategy. Organizations are used to having solutions drawn up by one person, with information from within the organization – and not from outside the organization. Kraaijenbos: “So in this phase we deliberately stay far away from the solution, and close to the strategic question.”

Visualizing the customer journey was also an eye-opener. In doing so, the organization found out that sales starts with the neighborhood nurse, or in a hospital. Those are the first, indirect customer contacts. It may sound logical to spend a large part of the budget on an extensive website, but if that only takes care of ten percent of the lead generation, it is a lost investment. Kraaijenbos: “The visualization of a customer journey was put on the wall about half a meter long. That produced a lot of ‘aha’ moments among the participants.”

More than an implementation partner

“In comparison with other providers, Bizzomate stood out positively because of their proactive attitude”, says Linda Ramaekers, product owner at MediReva. “Bizzomate’s continuous questioning kept us on our toes and always brought us to the real problem. Also, we had a good cultural match with Bizzomate.”

Because of the open collaboration the people involved were able to determine what the final solution should look like. Linda Ramaekers: “By asking the questions differently than we were used to, our vision about the application that needed to be built changed. We did not always choose the easy way, but in the long run that works out much better. Bizzomate challenged us to get the best out of ourselves and to look beyond what we already knew. We’ve discovered that there are more and better roads to reach our destination than we initially thought.”

In the final phase before construction Bizzomate taught all employees of MediReva about the scrum methodology. This was completely new for the organization. Bizzomate’s consultants explained the scrum principle step by step. Ramaekers: “This knowledge of scrum is essential for us as an organization. Because new components will be going live all the time, our organization is able to react better now. This works much better for us than putting everything live at once. Bizzomate is not only there for the implementation, they really became our business partner.”

In a nutshell



Development time:

4 days




MediReva offers total unburdening for healthcare professionals. They supply and rent care aids, provide advice and perform maintenance.


  • Business Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Workshops

From our client

“Bizzomate's continuous questioning kept us on our toes and always brought us to the real problem. Also, we had a good cultural match with Bizzomate.”
Camiel Savelberg & Linda Ramaekers
COO & Product Manager

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