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Our beliefs

The world is changing rapidly and there is a growing need for automation and digitization

Successful IT projects are essential to compete or to win in business. However, many projects take too long, run out of budget or don’t deliver the value they should. Traditionally the biggest bottleneck has been the lack of understanding between Business and IT. Therefore, the process needs bridge builders who facilitate better collaboration, challenge set thinking patterns and improve the development process. There is a way to make business and IT find each other and create an effective, efficient and better way of working. By using the best of low-code development and adopt proven design methodologies we strive to go beyond agile software development, in order to build agile businesses.

Our story

At Bizzomate we strive for growth

From a small office in Meerssen, three successful entrepreneurs set out to look for sustainable growth in 4 key areas. Growth for our customers, for each individual Bizzomate, the team as a whole and our network of (social) partners. This is realised by helping our customers with the development and delivery of high-quality digital transformation projects and offering a pleasant, yet challenging work environment for our team members. And in addition, by setting and meeting ambitious growth targets, whilst never forgetting that there’s more to life than making money.

Our values

The sum of 4 P's

Everyone at Bizzomate commits to the 4 P’s on which our company was founded. Combined they provide the key ingredient to the special sauce that makes Bizzomate.


Bizzomate employees are passionate about the things they are doing. In the workplace and at home. As a consequence, they proactively seek the initiative and take responsibility.


A Bizzomate employee continuously strives to be the best at the task at hand. An additional goal is to make it a priority to bring the entire team to an exceptional level of performance so everyone can be proud of the result achieved.


Continuously striving towards providing added value for our customers is a quality that every Bizzomate employee embodies. It goes without saying that integrity and respect for ethical values are of great importance.


Bizzomate employees are primarily driven by the pleasure in their work. This translates into an informal, social and respectful atmosphere within the organization and between colleagues, and a similar rapport with our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When Bizzomate was started in 2012 one of the important foundations of the company was that we want to do more than only make money.

It is our belief that in society we cannot only rely on the government to take care of important issues in society. We feel like every organization has a strong responsibility towards their employees, their families, and the society as a whole. To put this idea into practice, the founders of Bizzomate apply the following principle:

  • Each employee spends 10% of his working hours at a charity. In this way, we enable these organizations to better achieve their goals and help society grow stronger.

It goes without saying, that we’re very proud that this original idea is still very much alive and still one one of the cornerstones of our beautiful organization. Wondering how we do this? Download the Bizzomate ‘social responsibility’ glossy, with some nice personal stories.