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Service Design

Service Design

Mendix’s Low-Code platform allows us to develop applications many times faster. By integrating service design into the process of developing a Low-Code application, you can maximize speed, without losing sight of “People, Product and Process.”

Through strategic alignment, you increase user satisfaction and future-proof the application. In addition, you ensure an efficient development process.

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Strategic integration

Identify how the new application fits into your organization’s broader ecosystem of services and systems.


Include both current and future user and organizational needs in your decisions.

Optimize user experience

Focus on understanding the end user. Gain essential insight to create an application that is intuitive, accessible and enjoyable to use.

Efficient development processes

Make it clear which components and functionality are most important.

Expert Low-Code Designers!

At Bizzomate, we are more than just consultants; we are your partner in transformation. With our extensive expertise and proven approach, we provide the knowledge and support needed to design and develop new solutions.

With a concrete digital strategy, we bring business and IT together. So we design Low-Code solutions that make your users happy and put business goals at the center.


Shared understanding of Low-Code success

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What people say about us

Bizzomate’s probing keeps us on our toes and always gets us to the actual problem.

Linda Ramaekers


In a very short time, Bizzomate built a user-friendly and easily customizable application that allows us to serve our organization and our customers in the best possible way.

Roy Hageman

Product Owner Tulpenfonds

”We are very happy with the new platform. Our application landscape is now future-proof and we can help our customers more efficiently and quickly. The cooperation with Bizzomate has also been good. They provide excellent support at both the strategic and executive levels.”


Gert Beliën

Directeur ICT & services bij Easytocare

We have regained oversight of our projects and we can manage our projects more efficiently, which brings us significantly closer to our overall goal of making fiber available to everyone in the country.

Martin Wanschers

COO bij Glaspoort

Agile working and developing in Mendix were two new challenges for a newly formed team. Bizzomate took us by the hand and together we delivered a result that was highly appreciated by the students.

Yvonne Stassen

Product Owner bij Universiteit Maastricht

Streamlined and efficient app development

Service design helps to design a Low-Code application that is scalable and customizable. This means that the application can move with market changes without the need for redevelopment.

Faster Time-to-Market

From idea to production can be super fast. Think big, start small. Release early and build on based on feedback from the workplace.

Stay within budget

Reduce redevelopment and repeated revisions, and reduce budget overruns and delays.

The bridge between business and IT

Involves stakeholders from different parts of the organization in the development process. This ensures better alignment between requirements and IT solutions.

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How can the principles of service design be integrated into the development process of low-code applications to ensure a seamless user experience?

The principles of service design can be integrated by thinking user-centered from the beginning, focusing on creating workflows that meet user expectations.

In what ways can service design help define user needs and expectations in the early stages of Low-Code application development?

Service design helps define user needs through in-depth research and analysis, resulting in more targeted and relevant features within Low-Code applications.

How can leveraging service design improve the functionality of low-code applications?

Leveraging service design provides insight into current processes and user experience, leading to better aligned functionalities in Low-Code developed applications.

What challenges are involved in applying service design within a Low-Code development environment and how can they best be addressed?

One challenge in applying service design in Low-Code is balancing rapid development with in-depth investigation of user needs; one solution is to iteratively integrate design and feedback loops.

How can user feedback be effectively integrated into the iterative development process of low-code applications through service design methods?

User feedback can be effectively integrated by testing and iterating prototypes quickly, using Low-Code platform capabilities to make quick adjustments based on user input.

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