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As an entrepreneur, you are working every day to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Growing, working more efficiently and providing a service that makes people happy is the goal. This must be done in a world that is changing rapidly. Automation and digitization have become the norm. you want to move forward, you need to move forward…

A landscape of commonly used apps needs maintenance. An experienced team working daily and proactively to manage and monitor applications that are in production.

We support you!

Help when needed

Rely on experienced consultants if you still encounter unexpected technical problems.

Stay up to date

All apps on the right Mendix version, always. Always taking advantage of the latest developments.

Keep improving

Make fans of your end users, process their feedback at lightning speed, and make your apps move with your customers’ needs.

Expert Low-Code DevOps!

Bij Bizzomate zijn we meer dan alleen consultants; we zijn jouw partner in transformatie. Met onze uitgebreide expertise en een bewezen aanpak, bieden wij de kennis en ondersteuning die nodig is om jou compleet te ontzorgen.

Wij beheren alles: Bug fixes, beveiligingspatches, updates en wijzigingen aan apps, evenals het informeren over nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het Mendix platform die extra waarde kunnen creëren.




Structure and scalability with Low-Code

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What people say about us

With a new Mendix-based backend system, we can finally resume our growth trajectory.

Edwin Jonker

Now that we have discovered what is possible, we see many more opportunities for the optimization of various other business processes.

Elias Becker

Seacon Logistics

Bizzomate looks at the complete process and has given us excellent advice in this process. Because they have paid so much attention to the preliminary process, they are able to develop quick and focused solutions

Lisa Rooijakkers

Production Manager bij TBI

”We are very happy with the new platform. Our application landscape is now future-proof and we can help our customers more efficiently and quickly. The cooperation with Bizzomate has also been good. They provide excellent support at both the strategic and executive levels.”


Gert Beliën

Directeur ICT & services bij Easytocare

“We partnered with Bizzomate because they have the technology, expertise and experience to support this digitization process from start to finish.”

Klaas Nieuwhof

ICT directeur van GGZ InGeest

Low-code capability and knowledge standby

Organizations are increasingly using Low-Code to meet the growing demand for digital solutions and customized automation. To ensure business continuity and continuously improve, you need a flexible shell of Mendix capacity and knowledge.

Prevent problems

Prevention is better than cure. Structural maintenance on your Mendix apps, will ensure that you run into fewer problems in the future.

Save costs

We already manage dozens of Mendix apps, with a permanent team of experienced Mendix consultants. Take advantage of our economies of scale, reduce IT management costs and let our team manage your Mendix apps.

Focus on your core tasks

When we take over the management of your Mendix apps, you can get back to focusing on your core business. Don’t worry about maintenance, security or monitoring anymore. This is all taken care of by our DevOps team.

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What is the role of the DevOps department in supporting low-code application development?

The DevOps department plays a critical role in supporting low-code application development by streamlining continuous Integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes, automating infrastructure management, and ensuring smooth collaboration between development and operations teams. This ensures efficient and rapid delivery of high-quality low-code applications.

How does your support department provide support for managing low-code applications?

Our support department provides comprehensive support for managing low-code applications, including technical troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and applying updates and patches. We also provide advice on best practices for application maintenance and optimization to maximize the performance and reliability of your low-code applications.

What are the benefits of DevOps services for companies investing in low-code development?

DevOps services offer companies that invest in low-code development significant benefits, such as accelerated “time to market,” improved app quality and reliability, and lower development and maintenance costs. By integrating development and maintenance processes, companies can respond faster to feedback and increase end-user satisfaction.

What makes your application support and management unique to customers using low-code platforms?

Our approach to support and management for our customers with low-code applications, includes custom support where needed, a dedicated support team with extensive knowledge of Mendix, and a proactive approach to troubleshooting and optimization. We also provide regular strategic reviews to ensure that applications continue to meet changing business needs and technology trends.

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