Our best work

We love our work and are proud to show it. We want to offer innovative solutions that will bridge the gap between business and IT. While returning to IT the role of key player in realizing the organization’s ambitions and objectives.
Optimize internship planning
Maastricht University Medical Center optimizes internship planning with Mendix-application
  • Company: Maastricht University Medical Center
Digitalization Program
Digitalization is an important part of IHC’s strategy, in order to maintain leadership and provide customers with innovative solutions
  • Company: Royal IHC
  • Development time: multiple projects of weeks
case video
Simplified quality control
How Agristo simplified quality control, improved work happiness and efficiency in time
  • Company: Agristo
  • Development time: 6 weeks
case video
A new proposition
A completely new insurance proposition in 12 weeks
  • Company: VSZ Assuradeuren
  • Development time: 12 weeks
case video
Triaging COVID-19 patients
Maastricht University Medical Center deploys Avola Decision to assist medical staff in quickly triaging COVID-19 patients at the ER.
  • Company: We Are Not
  • Development time: 3 weeks
Lessons Learned in Low-Code
Customer-oriented innovation without loss of reliability and accuracy
  • Company: AZL
  • Development time: 8 weeks
Medical risk acceptance
How Monuta gained more customers, improved customer satisfaction and got the opportunity to open new markets
  • Company: Monuta
  • Development time: 6 weeks
Handling Damage Assessment
This new multi-channel dynamic case management system replaces several outdated systems & processes every claim
  • Company: International claims handler
  • Development time: 36 weeks
Unified Claims Portal
Portal improves customer satisfaction by making claims process transparent & streamlines
  • Company: Insurance Company
  • Development time: 9 months