Our best work

We love our work and are proud to show it. We want to offer innovative solutions that will bridge the gap between business and IT. While returning to IT the role of key player in realizing the organization’s ambitions and objectives.
Unified Claims Portal
Portal improves customer satisfaction by making claims process transparent & streamlines
  • Company: Insurance Company
  • Development time: 9 months
Digital Logistics Solution
Mendix application provides specific insights into storage and production capabilities
  • Company: Voorbij Prefab Beton (TBI Group)
  • Development time: 8 weeks
Worktime Allocation
This construction company is now fully in control of its work time allocation
  • Company: A construction company
  • Development time: 6 months
Claim handling
Improving the efficiency, flexibility and customer centricity of a claim handling department
  • Company: Insurance Claim Handler
  • Development time: 16 days
Adopting the Mendix Platform
Mendix low-code platform helps Royal IHC to maintain leadership in competitive market
  • Company: Royal IHC
  • Development time: 9 weeks
Becoming future proof
From AS400 to a new agile foundation, that will be able to quickly support the business demands of tomorrow
  • Company: Transportation Insurer
  • Development time: 12 weeks
Knowledge crossing borders
ITEM: a combination of a file monitoring system and a knowledge base
  • Company: Maastricht University
  • Development time: 12 weeks
Pricing tool
Over 50 member firms are enabled to work consistent and more efficient
  • Company: Ius Laboris
  • Development time: 1 week
Interactive customer portal
Pension administrator AZL gets closer to 1.5 million members via ‘customer portal’
  • Company: AZL
  • Development time: 8 weeks