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Pension administrator AZL gets closer to 1.5 million members via ‘customer portal’

Pension administrator AZL wanted to create a better dialogue and interaction between the pension funds and their participants. Therefore, communication is getting more and more important. However, costs should remain as low as possible. As a result, an interactive and self-service client dashboard has been developed, which offers around 1 million participants the opportunity to have insight in their current pension situation at all times. Furthermore, changes can be made quickly and easily. And the affiliated pension funds can fully adapt the portal to their own corporate identity.

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Development time:

8 weeks




Executing a wide range of pension schemes for premium pension institutions and pension funds.


  • Portal apps
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Legacy migration

From our client

“Bizzomate gives us the opportunity, in a fast-changing world, to maximize the way we can benefit from the newest technologies.”
Bart Munsters
Information Manager

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