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MPire a new back office application

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MPire a new back office application

About the customer
Maximus Vastgoedbeheer B.V. offers tailor-made solutions for vacancy management, district improvement and other real estate challenges. Its clients are property owners, like housing corporations, municipalities, educational institutions, companies and private individuals looking for a constructive property management solution to lower vacancy or to improve a neighbourhood or a complex. Maximus takes care of the management of their vacant real estate. Tenants pay a fixed fee and in return they have to take proper care of the properties they are renting.

Business need
Maximus Vastgoedbeheer B.V. noticed a growing demand for its vacancy management services. As a result the number of contracts it had to process was increasing rapidly. This meant a considerable extra workload in manual data entry. Besides that, the legacy system that Maximus was using was slow, difficult to adapt and inefficient.

Therefore the company wanted to replace its entire back office system. It decided to leverage the advantages of low-code, like unprecedented speed of development and flexibility to build an entirely new back office application. After several low-code platforms and partners were evaluated, Maximus chose to join forces with Mendix and selected Bizzomate as a business partner. Key decision making factors were the extensive knowledge and experience of the Bizzomate team. Bizzomate’s local presence also played an important role. Both companies are located in the south of the Netherlands, making it relatively easy to meet up.

Mendix was selected due to its unparalleled speed of development and the flexibility of the platform. Besides that, Mendix licensing fees had recently been adapted, making it more attractive for small companies like Maximus Beheer B.V. to deploy Mendix low-code.

 In the new application the contract management processes had to be largely automated, so the company could save time on manual data entry and accidental errors could be eliminated. It had to be user-friendly, fast and easily accessible for staff members that were on the move inspecting properties for example.

The solution also needed to integrate with some of the other software the company was already using. To meet all these criteria Bizzomate and Maximus decided to develop one new centralized back office platform: MPire

Bizzomate built MPire for Maximus Vastgoedbeheer B.V. within five weeks. Several development sprints were needed to develop the new platform. By using Mendix Workflows, a visual language in Mendix Studio, Bizzomate was able to visualize the processing logic in the new application, so the developers could quickly start developing the new back office platform.

The collaboration between Maximus and Bizzomate turned out to be very fruitful. The development team worked well together and whilst building MPire the team came up with lots of interesting new ideas for other integrations. The project started out with the replacement of the back office application but eventually led to integrations with various other applications adding even more intelligence and functionality to the platform.

Now that MPire is live, drawing up a new contract has become a lot more efficient.

The staff of Maximus Vastgoedbeheer B.V. only needs to enter basic information manually and

contracts for new tenants or property owners are then drawn up fully automatically by MPire. This reduces the risk of errors and simplifies and speeds up the contract management process significantly.

The new platform integrates with DocuSign, a solution that helps to automate the entire contract lifecycle with document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central agreement repository. The solution also facilitates signing contracts with electronic signatures. To process payments MPire also integrates with payment processing provider Mollie. The postal code API that is incorporated quickly identifies the postal code of the properties in the portfolio.

So drawing up contracts manually, making a separate appointment for contract signing and waiting for a bank transfer is no longer needed. The contract process now takes no more than two hours, while it used to take weeks to go through the whole process. This saves the staff a lot of mind numbing work giving them more time to focus on more interesting tasks like improving delivering outstanding customer services and expanding the company.

The whole staff of Maximus is now working with MPire and the application operates as a single source of information for all properties of Maximus. In the near future, its accounting and financial software Exact will also be incorporated and it will add an application for monitoring the inventory of the properties.

In a nutshell


Maximus Vastgoedbeheer

Development time:

18 weeks


Real Estate


Maximus Vastgoedbeheer B.V. offers tailor-made solutions for vacancy management, district improvement and other real estate challenges.


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  • Legacy Migration

From our client

“We are always looking for new ways to improve our business processes. So we decided to leverage the Mendix low-code platform to optimize our contract management processes and save time on manual data entry. With MPire, the new back office application we’ve developed with Bizzomate, we have succeeded in almost fully automating our contract management process. Our staff can now easily generate contracts and thanks to integrations with various other software solutions, the payments and the verification of signatures also takes place automatically. This results in major time savings and gives us more time to fully focus on growing Maximus in the Netherlands and beyond.”
Tom Visschers
Managing partner

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