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Asbestos specialist takes major steps towards full digital work

Eurofins Sanitas is a specialized knowledge partner in the field of asbestos. From inventories & advice and laboratory analyzes to measurements & inspections, they know the entire spectrum. The company has a fully equipped asbestos laboratory and mobile laboratories for the daily performance of aerial measurements on site. They deal with a high amount of information that is exchanged: reports, laboratory results, measurements, opinions, etc.

The process – or rather the entire chain – is almost completely automated by using these three applications based on the Mendix platform. We started with Sanitas Environmental Consultancy (SMA), then we immediately continued with Sanitas Laboratory Services (SLS) and completed the project at Sanitas Sampling & Inspections (SMI). They each indicated their own needs. The information that is created is insightful to all qualified people. Nevertheless, it remains flexible with regard to all aspects. Changes in the law can be easily adapted in the process. Mendix is a kind of Lego blocks environment where you can use anything you want, as needed. Both for ourselves and for our customers, the platform proves to be simple, intuitive and efficient to use. People can perform all common tasks such as the creating of reports, entering laboratory data, performing analyses and controlling quality data and record these, without it becoming too complicated due to the system.

Moreover, it’s a secure cloud-based platform. Supplementary information can be imported or inspections can be done, whenever you see fit. These data are digitally signed immediately and uploaded to the cloud, after which our server can synchronize. Consequently, everything is equally available to all stakeholders in our organization, and for the client. The
latter can enter the system through a secured login and see his ‘personal information’. All the permissions concerning accessing the information and reports are tightly regulated.

In a nutshell


Eurofins Sanitas

Development time:

30 weeks


Environmental Services


Knowledge partner in the field of asbestos, inventories, laboratory analyses, sampling and inspections


  • Legacy migration
  • Portal apps

From our client

“Besides the savings, this project has brought us great efficiency and quality. Without this platform, I wouldn’t know where we would stand today…we would probably still be wandering in the desert.”
Frans Hoogerbrugge

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