CASE - Ius Laboris

Mobility manager

A unified process for 1.400 lawyers, from 50 different countries in 5 weeks!

The mobility manager, supports (potential) clients in the quotation process on complex (HR) mobility matters. Using a user-friendly interface, the client is guided through a flow of interdependent questions. In this process the clients collect the correct information and documents to provide to their potential lawyer. Subsequently, the lawyer can quickly prepare a quotation, without assumptions or time-consuming emailing back and forth for additional information.

In a nutshell


Ius Laboris

Development time:

5 weeks




Authority in the field of labour and employment law


  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Innovation apps

From our client

“Bizzomate offers the project management approach and flexibility we were looking for but couldn’t find in existing tools. ”
Sam Everatt
Executive director

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