Invoice processing

Pension administrator AZL improves invoice and payment processes

Keeping track of invoicing and administration is a challenge for many companies. AZL’s billing system was costly and cumbersome and did not directly match AZL’s specific requirements. The implementation of a change required a lot of time, manual work and was error-prone. As a solution Bizzomate built two applications that could completely replace the existing billing system. The payment processing application ensures that pension funds can easily register invoices to AZL. As soon as the invoice is registered, it moves through to the invoicing application automatically. Incoming invoices are now automatically scanned, the employee only has to check and approve the data. This leads to a higher accuracy and faster turnaround time!

In a nutshell



Development time:

20 weeks




Executing a wide range of pension schemes for premium pension institutions and pension funds.


  • Legacy migration
  • Dynamic Case Management

From our client

“Bizzomate gives us the opportunity, in a fast-changing world, to maximize the way we can benefit from the newest technologies.”
Bart Munsters
Information Manager

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