Unified Claims Portal

Unified Claims Portal

Low-code offers flexible and cost-efficient environment
VGA first looked at standard applications, but quickly discovered that integration between these applications and the base system was a bottleneck. And like any insurer, VGA must meet the requirements of the supervising authority, so compliance plays an important role. “The consultancy firm that guided us in the process pointed us to the possibility of developing a solution ourselves using a low-code platform. We never even heard of low-code, but soon learned that it could offer us an extremely flexible and cost-efficient environment,” Jacobs says.

Low-code is a visual development approach that enables developers of varied experience levels to quickly create applications for web and mobile, using drag-and-drop components and model-driven logic.

“We ultimately choose to work with Mendix partner Bizzomate,” Jacobs states. “They clearly demonstrated that they have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry, and were able to provide us with tailored advice. We felt the Mendix technology would cater to our needs best in terms of flexibility and facilitating collaboration between the developers and our product owner. We learned that Mendix is also the go-to low-code platform for the municipality of Amsterdam. Hearing their experiences was an extra validation of our decision.”

Bizzomate leveraged a range of Mendix capabilities in developing the VGA solution, among them sophisticated collaborative functionality; the availability of numerous pre-built widgets; and a process that is tremendously faster than traditional methodologies.

According to Sjonny Calis, claims handler at VGA and product owner of the portal, “Thanks to the Mendix platform, we have an extremely flexible solution we can use to continuously optimize our processes and communication with our customers.”

In a nutshell


Insurance Company

Development time:

9 months




Insurance solutions


  • Customer Engagement
  • Dynamic Case Management

From our client

“The claims portal enables VGA to implement all customer requirements in an integrated approach for claims registration and management, including management information and risk management. The advanced platform Mendix offers the flexibility to create this customer portal. Bizzomate impressed us during the proof of concept by showing the possibilities of the platform in a really short time. And there was a definitive click between the team members of all parties involved.”
Egon Jacobs
Director Claims, VGA Amsterdam

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