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Maximize event participation by the means of gamification

The Economic Development Board Drecht Cities is a strategic collaboration between local businesses, government and education, which strives to strengthen existing relationships within the region and create and nurture new innovative collaborations to support a strong local economy. They needed an application with a gamification element, as added value to their Young Professionals Event. A lightweight Progressive Web App was created using Mendix, this way participants did not have to download or install and actual mobile app on their mobile phone, while having rich mobile app functionality.

In a nutshell


Economic Development Board Drecht Cities

Development time:

1 week


Business Services


Insurance solutions for transport by road, water and the automotive industry.


  • Portal apps
  • Innovation apps

From our client

“The Web App gave an extra dimension to our Innovation Market. It was easy to use and totally custom made in our branding. Bizzomate understood very well what we wanted and adjustments were processed quickly.”
Marit van Heugten
Project Manager

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