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Case management

The existing notary software did not fulfil the needs of Metis. In cooperation with Bizzomate they developed a process-driven system, that guides the notary and support staff through the various steps of the creation of deeds. The solution ensures a clear structure in daily operations. The new solution integrates all existing software into one user friendly dashboard. Because of the case management application, the service of Metis did not only become more efficient, but also more of even higher quality.

In a nutshell


Metis Notaries

Development time:

26 weeks




Legal services for various jurisdictions.


  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Legacy migration

From our client

“When we don’t move forward in automation and digitalization, we will not be an important player in the legal market in thirty years from now. You can wait and follow, or you can take matters into your own hands. At Metis, we opt for the latter.”
John Diederen
Partner and Notary

Other cases

Significantly improved pricing process
Carglass® Belgium requested the expertise of Bizzomate aiming to swiftly and efficiently determine the correct invoice amount.
  • Company: Carglass® Belgium
  • Development time: 2 weeks
  • Team size: 1 FTE
Enhancing the efficiency of complex business processes
Results in applications that increase data insight and reduce the administrative burden & ultimately alleviating margin pressure
  • Company: Mourik
  • Development time: 4 weeks
  • Team size: 4 FTE
Start with workshops to improve processes
Bizzomate assisted TBI in three business design workshops resulting in tangible results with reduced costs and faster processing of orders.
  • Company: TBI