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Adopting the Mendix Platform

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Royal IHC selects Bizzomate and Mendix to execute on digitization strategy

To select the right solution Royal IHC had set specific requirements. The platform had to support Royal IHC’s demand for applications with a native mobile experience on multiple devices. Also, the applications needed to be available both online and offline. Besides this the new platform had to enhance the collaboration between business stakeholders and IT. This should ultimately lead to an increase of development capacity of the organization needed to meet the growing demand for applications, dashboards and portals.
After an extensive selection process, in which several low-code platforms were evaluated, Royal IHC chose to join forces with Mendix and business partner Bizzomate. Superior online and offline mobile capabilities, a shared vision on how to support component-based architectures and the extensive knowledge and experience of the Bizzomate team, were key factors in the decision. The fact that Mendix is part of Siemens also contributed to this, as IHC is standardizing its entire global product development and product data management processes on Siemens’ integrated suite of Digital Industries Software solutions.

In a nutshell


Royal IHC

Development time:

9 weeks




Supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets.


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From our client

“Looking at the requirements we had and what Bizzomate and Mendix have to offer, we have found a perfect match. We are excited to start making applications that provide true added value to the daily operations of our customers. The Mendix platform will be leveraged as an innovation platform to create solutions that give customers the insights they need to be proactive.”
Jan van de Wouw
Director Digital Business

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