Agile Methodology

Agile and Scrum buzzwords or the Holy Grail?

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What is Agile?

The agility of an organization is measured by the speed in which it can adapt to the changing needs of the environment and customers. With agile software development the requirements and solutions are evolved by collaborative effort between the development teams and customers. There are various approaches, like for instance Lean, KanBan and XP. We use Scrum as a framework to create this agility.

What is Scrum?

This approach is a light-weight framework that ensures evolutionary development with continuous improvement. Such framework encourages a short cycle of inspection and adaption. Customers, business and development collaborate to create the most valuable solution in the shortest time by continuous delivery of working software. Which results in focus on what needs to be done without wasting time on things that don’t add value to the customer and to your organization.

Why do we work with Scrum?

Traditional projects deliver value after the last milestone, with the risk that requirements have been changed during the development. With the Agile approach, we ensure that we deliver value early and continuously, while encouraging rapid en flexible response to change. It’s not a matter of delivering within budget and scope, but delivering the most value for the lowest cost.

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